A blue iris for you!

Blue Iris Sangha often uses the following Five Precepts recitation that is inspired by the Plum Village version of the Five Mindfulness Trainings, but is shorter to facilitate recitation in unison and memorization.


Being mindful of suffering
caused by the taking of life,
we are determined to live in ways
that preserve and protect life in all its forms.


Being mindful of suffering
caused by the taking of what belongs to others,
we are determined to take only what is freely given
and to give freely as we are able to those in need.


Being mindful of suffering
caused by sexual acts that break commitments,
we are determined to keep our commitments
and to respect the commitments of others.


Being mindful of suffering
caused by careless or malicious speech,
we are determined to use words
to heal the wounds of misunderstanding,
   anger, hate, and fear.


Being mindful of suffering
caused by taking poisons into our bodies and minds,
we are determined to take into our bodies and minds
only those things that nourish awareness, life, and love.



Remember your breath -- it's a matter of life and death.

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